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Almost 70 years have passed since the end of the Great Patriotic War. This war became one of the most important phenomena in our country’s history. My grandmother didn’t go up the line but was evacuated to the Urals and worked at a factory. Every family remembers that time and thinks about its heroes. The heroic actions of the Soviet people remain in next generations’ memory for centuries. We are living  peacefully only due to them.

Let me remind you of some most important dates in this terrible but triumphant war

22th June, 1941 – Germany declared war on the USSR 

12th July 1941 – The USSR and Great Britain reached an agreement about mutual help against Germany

7th  November 1941 – Military parade on Red Square, from where the warriors went to the front

7th November of 1941 – The declaration of the USA's President that the USA would be delivering weapons to the USSR under the  land lease programme

5th  December 1941 – 8  January 1942 – Fightback of the Soviet Army near Moscow

11th  June 1942 – An agreement between the USSR and the USA on the basis for mutual aid in the war against [Nazi] Germany and collaboration after the war for peace and safety in the world

17th July 1942 – The Battle of Stalingrad ,the turning point in the war

23th of November 1942 – The end of the encirclement by the [Nazi]army near  Stalingrad under Field Marshal Paulus

12th -18th  January 1943 – Breaking of the  Leningrad siege; 850,000 people died during the blockade

5th  July 1943 – The  Battle of Kursk

12th o July 1943 – The biggest tank battle in the war near the village of Prohorovka, 1200 tanks, self-propelled and assault guns took part

September – December 1943 – The  battle for the River Dnieper

December 1943 – May 1944 – Liberation of Crimea and  the right bank  of Ukraine

9th  May 1944 – Liberation of Sevastopol

15th  September 1944 – Entry of the Soviet Army into Sofia, Bulgaria

23th September 1944 – Entry into Hungary

6th  October 1944 – Entry into Czechoslovakia

17th January 1945 – Liberation of Warsaw by Soviet troops

30th  January – 9th of April 1945 – Encirclement and rout of the German army in Koenigsberg

13th  February 1945 – Liberation of Budapest

4th April 1945 – Liberation of Bratislava

13th of April 1945 – The capture of  Vienna by Soviet troops

16th of April – 2nd of May –The capture  of Berlin by Soviet troops

8th of May 1945 – Capitulation of Germany

9th of May 1945 – The end of the Great Patriotic War

We still celebrate, congratulating the veterans  70 years after the war and wishing no more wars in our country. We organize many events on  Victory Day, honour veterans, provide  free transport to the events and meetings for the veterans. The whole country watches  the Military Parade on Red Square where the best forces of our army march over the cobbles as our grandfathers did 70 years ago. Eternal Rest for our fallen  heroes and a standing ovation  for those who have survived…



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