Novodevichy convent is included in the Unesco heritage list. This unique convent was created by Tsar Vasily II (the father of Ivan the Terrible) in honour of the recapture of Smolensk in 1524. The convent is famous for nuns from the Russian Royal  Family - Irina Godunova, the widow of Tsar Fyodor (the last tsar of the Rurik Dynasty), Ulyana Paletskay, the widow of the younger brother of Ivan the Terrible and  Evdokiya Lopukhina, the first wife of Peter the Great. But the most famous “prisoner” of the convent was princess Sofiya, the sister of Peter the Great; she wanted to become the Tsarina of Russia.

The view of the convent is very beautiful from any angle but especially from the bank of the pond. There is a sculptural group “A duck with ducklings” presented to the Soviet children and Raisa Gorbacheva (the wife of Mikhail Gorbachev) by Barbara Bush in 1991.

This place is very  popular with newly weds especially in summer.