Moscow posesses the world's finest display of Russian art. Apart from a priceless collection of byzantine and Russian icons (including Andrey Rublev’s  very famous “Trinity” and “Our  Mother of God of Vladimir”), the gallery houses a brilliant array of the works of the 19th century. The two Tretyakov brothers, rich industrialists, gave their collections to the city in 1892 and paid for the original building located just across the river to the south of the Kremlin. The low red building built by Vasnetsov in 1880 looks like something from a Russian fairy tale. The new building of the gallery at Krymski Val houses a unique museum exhibition of National 20th century art: paintings by world-known Russian avant-garde artists of the 1900s-1920s (Malevich, Kandinsky, Shagal), art works featuring "socialist realism" an official style of the totalitarian state in the 1930-50s and the art of avant-garde "second wave" of the 1960-80s.