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Kremlin and Armoury Tour

Crown of Monomach
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The Kremlin stands on a high bank of the Moscow river on the so-called Borovitsky Hill. Thanks to the Kremlin one can’t confuse Moscow with any other city in the world. It is made of red brick, which gives it its particularly magnificent appearance.

The Kremlin is the residence of the Russian Tsars and the spiritual centre of medieval Russia. It was here in the ancient cathedrals that the events which determined the history of the state took place, for example, royal coronations and patriarchal elections. Russian tsars from the two royal dynasties – the Ruriks and the Romanovs lie buried in the Cathedral of Archangel Michael. The leaders of the USSR and the Communist Party took up residence in the Kremlin after the revolution. Lenin’s study was located in the Senate building, as were the offices of all the subsequent leaders of the state. Now it’s the official residence of President Putin.

Next stop in our trip is the Armoury! Plunge into the splendor and luxury of past ages. The silent witnesses of the life of the Russian aristocracy will appear before your eyes. You’ll begin with the collection from the reign of Ivan the Terrible and finish with that of the last Russian Emperor Nicolas II . Prepare to be amazed by the number of treasures. Massive gold objects sparkle with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. The museum derived from the Royal Treasury. “ Its riches were difficult to imagine - twenty thousand horsemen could be armed from it” - these are the words of a 16th century Persian traveler. Court vestments, silver brocade coronation dresses of the empresses, the wedding dress of the future Catherine the Great with its wasp waist and the ermine mantle of the last Romanovs occupy the ground floor. Right next to them are the garments of the high-ranking clergy studded with gems and precious stones , and then- the most important – the royal regalia . All the Russian rulers till Peter the Great were crowned with the gold, sable-trimmed Cap of Monomakh. The sandal wood throne with diamond and turquoise mosaics belonged to Alexey, the first Romanov Tsar , while the enormous silver throne was made for his sons Peter and Ivan.
The unrivaled collection of carriages of Catherine the Great and Empress Eilzabeth is located in a separate hall.Massive gold-covered  gospels decorated by bright enamels, pearls, topazes  and emeralds  are housed  in the showcases  on the first floor. They compete with numerous priceless gold chalices,dishes and icon frames with superfine filigree. Don't miss  the diamond snuff box of Empress Elizabeth and the gospel of Catherine the Great encrusted with  three and a half thousand precious stones  . Take a close look at the Easter presents of the royal family – the Fabergé eggs. Each one conceals the «secret» of  the skilful work - an emperor's yacht in a rock crystal egg and a tiny gold train in a silver one on which is etched a map of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Let's finish our tour with weapons - there are plenty of  them here – suits of armour for medieval knights from Europe, Russian chain mail, numerous rifles, pistols, sabres and shields. Some were gifted to the Russian rulers. Ambassadorial gifts, accumulated over the years, formed a separate, and by no means small  part of the exposition. Vessels for wine in the shape of snow leopards from Britain, table fountains from Sweden, quaint German  goblets and mountain-shaped censers occupy the largest hall of the Armoury Chamber.

1/2 Day Moscow Driving Tour Highlights


  • Kremlin
  • Assumption Cathedral (inside)
  • Archangel Michael Cathedral
  • Annunciation Cathedral
  • Armoury Chamber
  • Monomach's Crown
  • Carriages Collection
  • Silver and golden masterpieces
  • English-speaking guide
  • Meeting near Kremlin Entrance
  • Tickets to the Kremlin (1000 Rubles per person and 500 Rubles - a ticket for a guide). You need to prepay the tickets for booking this tour.
  • Tickets to the Armoury (1500 Rubles per person and 1000 Rubles - a ticket for a guide) You need to prepay the tickets for booking this tour. Tickets to the Armoury have to be prepaid and booked AT LEAST 1 WEEK BEFORE YOUR TOUR IN HIGH SEASON (May-September)!!!



Prices are per tour not per person(With 10% discount )


1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons 7 persons 8 and more persons 

9900 RUB or 174$

6100 RUB or 107$

4800 RUB or 85$

4200 RUB or 74$

3870 RUB or 68$

3700 RUB or 65$

3550 RUB or 63$

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