Individual and Group tours of Moscow and Environs

Day Two: The State Tretyakov Gallery

 The State Tretyakov Gallery contains the largest collection of Russian art in Moscow, most of which was amassed in the prerevolutionary period by the industrialist Pavel Tretyakov. You’ll appreciate remarkable works of the Russian masters of the 18th-19th centuries. These works represent various exquisite styles of art. The exhibition of ancient icons from the 12-15th centuries is also unique. Moreover, the collection is a visual aid to understanding Russian history. The stories about artists’ fates, portraits of their contemporaries and of course the subject matter of the pictures will bring alive the various historical events and remain in your memory for a long time.



The Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve is a beautiful park stretching out for more than 2 miles along a bank of the Moscow River . The former country estate of the tsars is famous for the unique monument of the Russian architecture - the Ascension Church built in 1537. This architectural miracle, the tall white tent roof soaring up into the sky rises above the Moscow River. Apart from this UNESCO world heritage site, Kolomenskoe has much more to offeer: there are some other elegant churches here, Peter the Great’s log cabin and a number of ethnographic exhibitions. The highlight of the estate is the reconstructed 17th century wooden palace of Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich that deserved the name 'The Eighth Miracle of the World'. This wonderful example of the patriarchal life of medieval royalty will bring you 300 years back. Exploring the exhibition you’ll be astonished to see how the ancestors of modern Muscovites lived, you'll be fascinated by their customs and way of life, which seem to us so paradoxical now.



Meeting with a guide at the hotel.

By metro to the Tretyakov Gallery. Museum visit 1½-2 hours. Exploring the nearby sights -about ½ hour. Lovers’ bridge, the monument “Children - Victims of Adult Vices”.



By metro to the Kolomenskoe Museum-Estate, Visit to the Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich: 1½ hours; transfer on foot or by public bus to the historical part ot the estate. Visit to the Church of Our Lady of Kazan, the Entrance Gates, the Ascension Church. Visit to the tent-roof part of the church and the log cabin of Peter the Great: 1½ -2 hours.

Tour duration: 6-8 hours.

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