Individual and Group tours of Moscow and Environs

Day 3: Sergiyev Posad

The Holy Trinity-St Sergius Lavra in Sergiyev Posad 

Short description
A small town north of Moscow, Sergiyev Posad is famous for its unique, excellently preserved historic, architectural and artistic ensemble The Trinity St Sergius Lavra which has been “the mecca” for pilgrims for more than 600 years.
Basic information
The blue and gold cupolas of the Trinity Monastery mark one of the most celebrated centres of the Russian Orthodox Church. As the seat of the patriarchate, it was permitted to function even during the Soviet era. Now the patriarch has moved to the Danilovsky monastery in Moscow, but there is an active seminary here.
The monastrey was founded by St Sergius in 1340 and became one of the richest in Russia, thanks to the patronage of tsars, nobles and merchants. The name of the holy hermit is associated with numerous myths and miracles. Sergius of Radonezh also contributed greatly to the unification of the Russian state, executing diplomatic missions for the grand princes of Moscow.
Its architectural ensemble, which developed over four centuries is unique. It offers an amazing variety of styles and an extraordinary colourfulness. Austere and ascetic, the fifteenth-century churches, decorated with white stone carving, form a strong contrast with the later churches. On the monastery grounds one can find the tomb of Boris Godunov, the only tsar buried neither in the Kremlin nor in St petersburg.

Tour program

Meet the guide and the driver in the hotel. (If there are only three or fewer pax you may choose to have your guide as your driver, a less expensive option.)

Transfer to Sergiev-Posad – about 2 hours.

The opportunity to visit the house of a local inhabitant (authentic Russian log cabin).

The Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve (optional) - 1- 2 hours

Excursion to the Holy Trinity-St Sergius Lavra. 1½ -2 hours, where you’ll get to know the extraordinary story of St Sergius, admire the interior of several churches, and take memorable photos.


Return to Moscow - about 2 hours

Tour duration - 8 hours.

Day Three. A trip to the countryside

Whatever place you choose your impressions of the leisurely atmosphere of the Russian countryside will be unforgettable. It is so unlike the chaotic and hectic atmosphere of the big cities. For your comfort and convenience we recommend the use of a car or a minivan. If you travel by commuter train, you’ll see much less, because it takes too long to get to all the sites by public transport, on the other hand you will avoid possible traffic jams.

Zvenigorod is a small town at the outskirts of Moscow, which developed as an important trading and border post. Here is one of the most revered and holy places in the region - Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery. Founded in the first quarter of the 15th century it is still today a very important spiritual centre. A masterpiece of early Moscow architecture the Nativity Cathedral is surrounded by impregnable walls with a bell-tower and elegant chambers built for the Tsarina. A small local ethnographic museum describing life in ancient Zvenigorod is located here as well. In the monastery bakery you can buy excellent pastries.            

The estates of two Russian writers are situated not far from Zvenigorod. The first is the museum reserve of Alexander Pushkin, the estate where the poet genius spent his childhood. Picturesque mansions of the 18th century adjoin the landscaped park on the bank of a quiet creek. The museum displays objects from Imperial Russia times and Pushkin family members’ portraits.
The “dacha” of one more Russian writer Mikhail Prishvin is much more modest. It’s a little house in the heart of a charming garden park, a cosy and peaceful place. The rooms are designed to convey the atmosphere of the life of the Soviet intelligentsia.

Tour program
Meeting with the guide and the driver in the hotel. (If there are only three or fewer pax, if you wish,your guide can also act as your driver, that will reduce the cost of a trip.)
Transfer to Zvenigorod – around 2 hours.
Excursion to the Savvino Storozhevsky Monastery (1 ½ hours). Visit to the Nativity Cathedral, the oldest in Moscow region and the “Ancient Zvenigorod” Ethnographic Museum. (1 ½ hours).
Stop for lunch at the Russian Dessert Museum or at some other restaurant.
The estate of either Alexander Pushkin or Mikhail Prishvin. (1 ½ hours)

Return to Moscow around 2 hours
The duration of the tour - 8 hours.

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